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Psychology applied

Learning approach

Practice-led learning

Whether creating a short e-learning course to support face-to-face training or a fully fledged Postgraduate Diploma online course that could take up to a year to complete, we apply the latest psychological insights to maximise engagement, sustain motivation and deliver successful learning.

Our pedagogy is strongly practice-led. Feedback from our courses confirms that learning is successful when objectives are clear and application is immediate. In other words, participants learn best when they learn to ‘do’.

We’ll work closely with you, using action mapping to define the behaviours we would like the learner to adopt as a result of the course. We’ll establish the key actions expected of participants, create life-like practical activities, and select the key information to help them do the tasks. Additional information will be supplied as extra resources that participants can explore if they wish. In this way we transfer learning efficiency while catering for a range of learning styles.

The benefits

Learning in the setting

All activities focus on improving outcomes within the learner setting. Thus, as the learner is expanding their knowledge, the course structure encourages them to develop their understanding of their professional context. Crucially, this allows the delegate to ‘learn as they work’ making learning efficient, engaging and cost-effective.

Delivering content efficiently

Content is introduced as and when it is relevant to supporting a given practical activity or discussion if appropriate. This promotes focus, exploration and anchoring of learning to practice. Multimedia modes of delivery (text, video, live and recorded webinars when appropriate) are used to maximise engagement.

Engagement through collaboration

Where appropriate to your learning needs, we can include inter-learner discussion, tutor-led discussions and collaboration on, and review of, practice and learning. The collaborative environment supports and motivates learners.

Developing lasting networks

Using forums and discussion related activities, professional development/support networks can be built into the course structure.These networks, which are instigated and nurtured as the delegate learns, provide a ready-made mechanism for the ongoing delivery of content or training.

Turning learners into confident practitioners

Delegates gain confidence in talking to and listening to colleagues and stakeholders inside and outside their setting. They learn to apply practical tools to evaluate their own and other’s progress and how to evaluate current practice and sensitively disseminate best practice within their setting.

Encouraging professional engagement

Our learning approach can promote interaction between delegates with different levels and types of professional skills. For example, modules on Real Training’s Masters-level SEND programme can be undertaken by a graduate teaching assistant or headteacher. In this case, activities are structured to deliver equally effective learning for these different professional perspectives and also to encourage discussion and collaboration between them.

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